SWING-LOCK Operation
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SWING-LOCK Operation

A Swing-Lock firearm is loaded and handled in much the same way as most other muzzleloading firearms.  The basic steps for loading and firing a Swing-Lock firearm are as follows:

1) Pour a measured charge of smokeless powder, black powder, or equivalent substitute down the barrel per loading data provided.  Smokeless powder charges are by weight measurement only!  Use only specified components!

Pour powder down barrel Pouring Powder Charge

2) Force a patched ball, conical bullet with a sabot, or a sabotless bullet with or without wad as specified down the barrel, using a short starter (if needed) and ramrod until firmly seated.

Starting Bullet, Using Short Starter, and Ramrod
Inset Bullet Short Start Ramrod

3) Prime the farearm.  For a Swing-Lock, just open the action and then prime by inserting a #209 shotgun primer into the primer adapter.  A primer tube magazine capper is shown being used.  Primeers may also be inserted by hand, if desired.

Insert primer Insering Primer

4) Close the action, release the safety, and pull the trigger to fire.  Automatic old style safety is shown.  Current rifles are provided with a automatic cross bolt safety which is shown on more current rifles pictured on other pages of this site.

Release Safety Shoot
Releasing the Automatic Safety and Firing


SWING-LOCK OperationAdjustable Bullet Sizing DiesRifle Warranty