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416 sn53right

Swing-Lock .416 rifle with thumbover design, fancy Hawaiian Koa wood stock, Bolivian Rosewood forend tip, grip cap and maple spacers.

SWING-LOCK CUSTOM MUZZLELOADING, INC. is commited to manufacture of the highest quality custom built muzzleloading rifles available. Unique, attractive and solid design with the highest levels of performance and accuracy are attributes which help define SWING-LOCK rifles. New cutting edge developments in modern muzzleloading such as ADJUSTABLE smooth and full form bullet sizing dies are offered by no one else. Rifles utilizing new powder chamber design can be built in ANY CALIBER with performance equal to or greater than many modern breech loading cartridges. All SWING-LOCK rifles are built based upon a patented firing mechanism called a SWING-LOCK which has many advantages and eliminates certain design limitations.

To all of you who have any questions, comments or would like to discuss building a rifle, please feel free to call me at (814)440-7292 or send an e-mail to 
swinglock@velocity.net and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting this website.

                      Thomas Post
                      President,    Swing-Lock Custom Muzzleloading Inc.



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