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Materials and Workmanship

Because Swing-Lock firearms are made-to-order and are not mass produced, each firearm is given individual attention to the finest details of design, fit, finish and function. We take pride in using high grade materials and components which will assure accuracy, flawless function and the longest possible wear life.

All stocks are epoxy bedded in a manner that enhances accuracy and strength while providing unsurpassed perfect fit, appearance and internal weather protection. Stocks are also hand shaped, sanded and finished using great care to maintain sharp, clean lines which flow well and bring harmony to each region of the stocks design. Finishes used are the best available and are applied on inside surfaces as well as outside for maximum weather protection and durability. Whether the finish is hand rubbed oil or a sprayed on finish, it is applied such that all wood pores at the very least are filled level and even with the surface. The wood blanks from which stocks are made can be of any suitable species that the customer so desires including any fancy grade of wood or pattern of laminated birch currently available. 

Breech and action components are machined from solid chrome moly or tool steel alloy which is then heat treated using methods which provide the best strength and wear resistance as best suited for each part. Trigger guards are made from high strength alloy or solid yellow brass castings depending upon requirements of design.

Swing-Lock actions are individually assembled, adjusted and tuned for perfect function and trigger characteristics.

For best accuracy potential and strength, the barrels used on Swing-Lock firearms are ordered through well known custom barrel manufacturers and are of premium grade highest quality chrome moly, stainless or carbon steel depending upon the type of gun being built and the customers requirements.

More could be said; but the bottom line is SWING-LOCK CUSTOM MUZZLELOADING, INC. has no other desire than to provide its customers with the highest quality products!


Materials and WorkmanshipAdjustable Bullet Sizing DiesRifle Warranty