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Swing-Lock firearmss enjoy the following advantages:

1) Outstanding weather protection.
Swinglock Firarms provide excellent weather protection because the #209 primer adaptor is located in the underside of the firearm and is surrounded by the solid structure of the mechanism as well as the stock.

For weather protection, Swing-Lock firearms do not use any rubber O'rings, plastic primer sleeves, disc or seals, which are only of limited life.  The reliable function of a Swing-Lock firearm depends upon good solid design, materials, and fine craftsmanship.

Gun on Ice Bottom of Iced Gun

This loaded Swing-Lock rifle has been resting outdoors on this butt of firewood for 42 hours under some of the most grueling conditions a muzzleloading firearm could endure and still function reliably. In Erie, PA on a late Friday evening in February at the beginning of this ordeal, temperatures were near 40 degrees F, the snow was melting, it was beginning to sprinkle rain and there was a damp fog in the air. Through the night the rain increased and continued almost without let-up all day on Saturday and into Sunday night. Sunday night temperatures dropped below freezing and the rain turned to sleet covering everything including this rifle with a thick layer of ice. By Sunday morning the temperature was 20 degrees F and snow driven by a strong wind was falling. The big question is, would this rifle still prove to be reliable and capable of bringing home the bacon? YOU BET!! As you can clearly see in the picture below, the rifle fired, and we will add that it fired instantaneously upon break of the trigger with no delay whatsoever! The only thing that was done before firing this rifle was to brush off the snow and melt some ice out of the end of the barrel. The action was never opened, allowed to thaw, or checked in any way before the rifle was fired . ** See notes below.

Firing the Icegun Firing the ice covered Swing-Lock rifle into a chunk of firewood

** Note: 1. As for any product, reliability can be dependent upon many factors. Had this rifle or any other muzzleloading rifle been left standing vertically so that water could run down into the barrel then firing would have become unreliable. Moisture can leak past the projectile and dampen the powder charge. If the rifle shown had been allowed to lay upside down thus allowing water to enter directly into the ignition area, then reliability might also be uncertain. 2. This test was performed with the sole purpose of showing Swing-Lock reliability under adverse conditions only. We do not recommend that any muzzleloading firearm be left loaded over extended periods of time for reasons of safety and possible corrosive damage to the firearm.

2. Great safety features.

A. Since upon firing, smoke, hot gases, sparks, and cap or primer fragments are vented through solid structure in front of the trigger guard, the shooters face is not exposed to possible injury or obstruction of vision resulting from such conditions.

Firing the gun Downward venting in front of the trigger  guard

B. Current rifles now have an automatic cross bolt safety that is positioned in front of the trigger for easy operation. When engaged upon cocking, the safety directly blocks the striker sear thus making firing impossible until manually disengaged after the action is closed.  

C. The Swing-Lock firing mechanism is provided with a convenient thumb release which allows quick and easy removal of the firing mechanism. This is a useful feature when carrying the firearm over uncertain terrain, over a fence, into a tree stand etc. . Some may also consider when storing the gun to remove the action to lessen danger resulting from unwanted tampering.

Using thumb release and removing action

3. With the use of non-corrosive smokeless propellants, cleaning is much easier, and the need for frequent or immediate cleaning is eliminated.

4. A Swing-Lock firearm is relatively easy to clean. For a thorough cleaning, simply remove action with thumb release, as shown above. All other disassembly is quickly accomplished using standard tools which are provided with the firearm. Actual cleaning is easily performed using available gun cleaning products.

5. Swing-Lock firearms are equipped with a precision fitted, easily removable breech plug. This allows removal of charges without the need of firing or the use of awkward bullet pulling accessories. It also enables more thorough cleaning from the breech end.

6. With the absence of a hammer, upward pointing nipple or exhaust from ignition venting upward into the shooters line of sight, a Swing-Lock firearm is easily equipped with most any sighting arrangement. No more burned scope tubes!

7. A Swing-Lock firearm has no side protrusions such as a hammer, bolt, drum or nipple which can snag on brush, clothes, the inside of a gun case or scabbard. Since the nipple or primer adaptor is internally positioned, brush or other unintended stimuli cannot cause inadvertent cocking or dislodging of a hammer, bolt or striker knob, or result in loss of a percussion cap or primer from an externally exposed nipple.

No side protrusions No side protrusions

8. Upon release of the trigger, a fast lock time is assured since striker travel is less than 1/2 inch.

9. Excellent trigger characteristics. The trigger is adjustable for force and engagement and is very crisp with smooth let-off.

10. For modern thumb hole and thumbover design rifles, the ramrod is uniquely placed up side of the fore end and into butt stock. This placement allows true free floating of the barrel for enhanced accuracy potential and also compliments the rifles appearance.

Ramrod up the side of the stock and into butt for all except the traditional style rifles.


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