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Swing-Lock design is always at the center of attention and improvements are made at every opportunity in every area.
For that reason, this page is very much subject to alteration or change depending upon improvements being made or the type of rifle being built.
Some newer rifles such as the 6.5mm, .308 or .416 cal. versions utilize a special powder chamber breech design which has significant differences with regards to certain components and the type of assembly required. All designs are very strong, accurate and always give attention to features which increase the safety of such rifles.

Most current Swing-Lock action and breech design details are under patent protection.

One improvement added to Swing-Lock designs are over pressure venting devices in the breech powder chamber area as described below.

The following picture shows a high capacity .416 cal. breech/barrel assembly. In the side of the breech wall just below the sight mounting rail are two hex socket openings where over pressure safety valves/plugs are installed. The purpose for such plugs is to prevent possible catastrophic failure if the rifle should be overloaded, double loaded, incorrectly loaded, ramrod not removed before firing or some other gross error which could cause dangerous over pressure.

Proof of function was performed using a special test barrels before application in actual breech designs.
These devices have already shown their worth in more than one rifle which was mistakenly double loaded. Although the rifles were damaged, no observable external visual damage was noted except that the safety plugs had functioned in each case as designed. If the rifles had not been equipped with such devices, they might have failed with catastrophic results causing serious injury or death to the shooter and bystanders. 

Safety plugs are designed to support normal proof pressure while blowing out before burst pressure is reached should the rifle be overpressured due to some form of gross error. These devices are considered potentially life saving and are used in all Swing-Lock breech designs whenever possible.  

Blowout Plugs

To better reflect upon new SWING-LOCK designs and developements further info has been removed and will be revised as time allows. 




Pressure measurement for proof and load development is provided through use of a strain gage pressure trace instrument which is programed to a computer. 

Every Swing-Lock rifle is fully tested for accuracy and flawless function before it is shipped to the customer. 

For acceptance, rifles must produce under (1) minute of angle accuracy using a high performance load.


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