Describe a SWING-LOCK
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Describe a SWING-LOCK

Swing-Lock firearms are based upon a unique patented (Patent No. US 8,132,348 B1 and US 8,459,163 B1) and proven firing mechanism called a "Swing-Lock." The mechanism is given that name because the lock or firing mechanism rotates on a pivot and swings out from the underside of the firearm. The Swing-Lock mechanism is strictly for percussion muzzleloading application only and was designed with special focus given to safety and weather protection.  

While a Swing-Lock firearm is not an “in-line” system, where the firing mechanism is on the same centerline as the barrel, the powder charge is ignited in the same manner as in-line firearms. Flame from ignition is directed on an angle into the bore of the beech plug, which is positioned on the exact centerline of the barrel. Exiting the orifice of the breech plug seal, the ignition flame enters the powder charge in identical fashion as an in-line.

Swing-Lock firearms work well with either loose or pellet type powder charges. The preferred propellant in most current Swing-Lock firearms is smokeless powder to exact specification unless otherwise noted.

With the exception of how the firing mechanism operates, a Swing-Lock firearm is loaded and handled in much the same way as other muzzle loading firearms. Swing-Lock firearms are easy to use with many advantages not found on other muzzle loaders.


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